Plant Based Breakfast Ideas With Ten Recipes to Kickstart Your Morning

Plant Based Breakfast Ideas With Ten Recipes to Kickstart Your Morning

For many, breakfast has always included eggs, bacon, sausages, yogurt, flapjacks, cereal, or smoothies. 

But when changing to a plant-based diet, you may suddenly be hit with the question - What do I eat for breakfast??

Endless Options

Rest assured, the options are endless! You just need to find plant-based alternatives and turn to mother nature.

Whether you are a newbie at plant-based eating or an oldie that needs new inspiration or healthier breakfast options, plant-based breakfasts are no longer limited to the classic avo on toast. 

Although we must admit, this classic will always be a hit!

A vegan or plant-based breakfast can be just as healthy, delicious, and nutritious as any other non-vegan breakfast. 

And in our (very) humble opinion, it is the best kind of breakfast ;-)

A plant-based breakfast should be loaded with good-for-you, heart-healthy fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and beans, providing all the essential macro- and micro-nutrients you need. 

The key is variety and a healthy, balanced plant-based breakfast that includes all the macros, so you can take on whatever the day throws at you. 

And be it lemons, bring it on; we'll squeeze it on our avo toast!

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How To Build A Healthy Plant Based Breakfast

How To Build A Healthy Plant Based Breakfast

Here's a sample of what a nourishing plant-based breakfast might look like:

Whole-Grain Goodness

Start your day with a base of whole grains like oats, quinoa, or whole wheat bread. These provide complex carbohydrates, fiber, and essential nutrients.

Enjoy a hearty bowl of oatmeal topped with fruits, nuts, and seeds, or toast up a slice of whole grain bread and pair it with avocado or nut butter. Or how about a bowl of wholesome kamut porridge or baked oats in cups?

Plant-Powered Proteins

Incorporate plant-based proteins into your breakfast to keep you satisfied and energized and fuel those muscles. Great options include tofu, tempeh, legumes (such as chickpeas or lentils), and plant-based protein powders.

Whip up a tofu scramble with veggies and spices, blend a protein-packed smoothie with fruits and plant-based protein powder, or enjoy a serving of hummus with whole grain crackers.

Heart-Healthy Fats

Healthy fats like omega-3 and monounsaturated fats are needed to give your body energy, support cell function, absorb nutrients, and protect your organs. Good fat sources include nuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, avocado, and nut butter.

Sprinkle a handful of nuts or seeds on top of your oatmeal, smoothie bowl, or toast. Enjoy nut butter on toast or in your smoothies for a creamy texture. Or make a yummy peanut butter chia pudding!

Fruit and Veggie Boost

Amp up your breakfast's nutritional value by including fruits and vegetables. They provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Add sliced berries or banana to your oatmeal, blend a refreshing green smoothie with spinach or kale, or incorporate veggies into your tofu scramble or breakfast burrito


One sure-fire way to never run out of ideas or ingredients or even skip breakfast altogether (oh, the horror!), is to plan and stock up.

When your pantry is stocked with the right ingredients, and you have more or less a weekly meal plan, it is much easier to eat a well-balanced breakfast.

Having a few basic items and ingredients in your pantry will make healthy breakfasts a breeze.

Here are a few plant-based breakfast ingredients to stock up on:


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