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Annette Thurmon, @Azurefarm

“Country Life has made it SO incredibly easy to find healthy ingredients for my family. I love how I can find all I need in one place. It’s also really simple to order online and the FREE and quick shipping makes it even better. I love how Country Life finds all the healthy products for me so all I have to do is order. My family’s nutrition is very important to me, Thank you Country Life for all you do!”

Lauren Matts, @themattsfamily

“I love ordering my ingredients and bulk foods from Country Life Natural Foods because they have a wide range of quality foods to choose from and they ship straight to your door within just a few days which is rare for most bulk food companies. I cook mainly vegan and gluten-free dishes for my family and country life has great options to choose from that match my family’s dietary needs. Having at least 6-months of food in the pantry at all times for my family is a necessity in the world we live in today and country life helps us stay prepared for whatever situation may be ahead.”

Maria Reyes, @ratedvfood

Discovering Country Life Natural Foods has been fantastic! I love how they offer all kinds of natural, pantry staples with EVERY kind of variety. Yes that’s right, you can find not only your typical oats and whole wheat but EVERY kind of oats and whole grain wheat variety you can think of (steel cut, quick rolled, kamut, wheat berries, and the list goes on!) They have a wide selection of coffee substitutes as well which I know are not typical to find in one spot online. I gotta say I was impressed by the chickpea coffee. From dried fruits, sustainable beauty products, granola and easy, ready meals I am really enjoying the selection Country Life is offering. They now also have free shipping over $99 which is making it more enticing for shopping and keeping food on hand for those emergency days. Definitely an online retailer I recommend checking out.

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