14 On-The-Go Healthy Snacks To Keep Your Energy Running High

14 On-The-Go Healthy Snacks To Keep Your Energy Running High

Whether you are on the road, traveling, working the night shift, exercising, or simply running errands, snacking is sure to pop in between there somewhere. 


You might rush out of the home in the morning and forget to eat breakfast, go to the gym on an empty stomach, or simply crave an after-dinner snack. 


And when your tummy is growling, or energy is low, it is often too easy to grab a not-so-healthy snack on the go for that instant fix. 


Unfortunately, these convenient, non-perishable, pre-packaged goodies are often packed with sugar, fat, sodium, and unhealthy preservatives. Not to mention heavy on the calories.


Or, you may find yourself not eating anything at all the whole day, overindulge at dinner, only to feel terrible (and guilty) afterward.


Unhealthy "impulse" snacking, or no snacking at all, could ruin your best weight loss and healthy eating efforts and intentions. 


Don't let poor diet choices bust all your hard work when you are on the go. Instead, learn how to incorporate on-the-go healthy snacks in your day. Whether at the office or on a beach in Thailand!


The Benefits of Snacking

Healthy snacking can help you maintain a healthy weight and even encourage weight loss.

By snacking in between meals, you will:

  • Help your body to regulate blood sugar and maintain a feeling of fullness.
  • Avoid cravings and overindulging at the next meal. 
  • Keep your body running at optimal energy levels, avoiding that afternoon slump.
  • Refuel your body before or after a workout.
  • Most likely be less irritable and hangry ;-)


14 On-The-Go Healthy Snacks

When the munchies strike, these are some of our favorite healthy snacks. Whatever your dietary needs or allergies, there's something for everyone.

Chia pudding

Chia pudding may not be the best option for an on-the-go snack when you are in a hurry, but it is perfect when you prepare some in advance for a road trip or a day out. 


Chia seeds are tiny nutritional bombs loaded with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, plant-based protein, and antioxidants. Chia pudding is also ideal when you are in the mood for a sweet dessert-like snack.

Want to know what happens when you eat chia seeds every day? Find out here!

Get chia seeds here.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit often gets a bad reputation due to its sugar content. However, when a sweet craving strikes or you need an energy boost, it is still better than chocolate! 


Unlike fresh fruit that may need some cutting and peeling, dried fruit is easy to grab, pack, and eat wherever you are. When buying dried fruit, always choose the unsweetened varieties, as excess sugar can make you come crashing down after the energy spike.

Get dried fruit here.


Edamame Beans

If you follow a plant-based diet, you will know how great edamame beans are! They pack a nutritional punch with an average of 7 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and only 90 calories in a half-cup.

Enjoy them shelled, cold or hot, sprinkled with sea salt.


Fresh Fruit

Fruit is one of the most accessible on-the-go healthy snacks that are easy to carry, healthy, and packs essential vitamins and nutrients. And if you are craving something sweet, a fruit will satisfy you without the added processed sugar. 


Apples, bananas, blueberries, and kiwis are great options for a sweet snack. 



Oh, how we love granola! So much so that we made a few of our own varieties! 


Granola is fantastic to grab a quick handful before a workout or on hikes to refuel. Oats provide fiber and complex carbs, nuts provide protein and fats, and seeds increase the nutrient content. It is a great all-rounder and so tasty! 


Always practice portion control and choose wisely, as granola can have sneaky hidden ingredients that are not so healthy.  Here's how to choose to healthiest granola.

Here are our favorite granolas!

Healthy Chips and Spreads

Like salty and crunchy? We get you!

Instead of reaching for a bag of potato chips, satisfy your craving with our range of tortilla chips, rice chips, sesame sticks, or veggie sticks. They've got all the crunch and flavor without the guilt. 


Serve with black bean salsa or hummus for added protein or guacamole for healthy fat. 

Caution! These can be addictive, so practice portion control! 

Get your crunch fix here.


Hummus and Veggies

Hummus and veggies are a fantastic combo for that afternoon munchies.

Hummus, made with garbanzo beans, provides protein and fiber to keep you full. And veggies, well, you know what they offer! 


Baby carrots, celery sticks, or cucumber are some of our favorites to enjoy with hummus for a satisfying crunch and dose of goodness.

Make this delicious beet hummus recipe for a fun twist!



Nuts are a fantastic on-the-go healthy snack, as they are easy to grab, throw in your bag, and quickly munch when hunger strikes. They will provide a good dose of protein and healthy fats, keeping you fuller for longer. 


All nuts are A.O.K to eat, but almonds, pistachios, and cashews contain the lowest calories. Avoid nuts that are roasted in oil and covered with sugar or salt coatings. Always choose raw or dry roasted.

Find all the nuts you desire here.


Nut Butter & Fruit

A classic winner snack combo that never disappoints.

Enjoy a teaspoon or two of your favorite nut butter on a sliced apple for a morning snack. Or spread two rice cakes with nut butter and top with sliced strawberries or banana. 


The combination of fiber, protein, and fat will keep you fuller for longer. It also makes a fantastic pre or post-workout snack.

We have a great assortment of nut butters to choose from. Find them here.



Now here is an excuse to enjoy popcorn with your after-dinner movie - A cup of air-popped popcorn contains only about 30 calories! What's more is that popcorn is gluten-free, fat-free, and a great source of fiber. 


Ditch the store-bought microwave popcorn and pop your own kernels using only olive oil or butter, salt, and some herbs and spices.

Find popcorn here.

Rice Cakes

They may be bland, but this is what makes them great; they pair with many toppings! Best of all, rice cakes are gluten-free! 


Serve with nut butter, honey, and 1/2 sliced banana for an energy boost before a workout. Or, top with avocado and cottage cheese for an afternoon snack containing healthy fats and protein.

Get your rice cakes here.

Roasted Chickpeas (Garbonzo Beans)

Roasted Chickpeas may be an item on this list that you did not expect. But, they are delicious, crunchy, and super healthy, offering protein and fiber. Enjoy them sweet with honey and cinnamon or savory with herbs and spices. 


They are super easy to make: Drain, rinse, and dry a can of chickpeas, toss with 1-2 tablespoons olive oil and savory or sweet ingredients, spread on a baking sheet, and bake until crispy and golden. Store in a container and eat within 3-4 days, depending on the temperature and humidity.

Find chickpeas here and get roasting now. You will be hooked! 



Seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds that are bigger are easy to grab a handful of or enjoy with nuts or dried fruit. They are a fantastic source of protein, omega-3 fats, fiber, Vitamin B (good for energy), and antioxidants. 


You can buy from the shop or bake your own pumpkin seeds at home. Lay them on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil, and bake at 300 Degrees for +- 45 minutes. Let them cool, and sprinkle salt or brown sugar and cinnamon for a yummy snack. 

Warning: Seeds can be high in fat and calories, so enjoy sparingly. 

Get your seed fix here.


Trail mix

Trail mix is always a winner for an on-the-go snack. Whether you make homemade trail mix or buy from the store (like the delicious ones we've got!), it is convenient and a good all-rounder. 


A mix of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and even oats, will lift up your energy levels and contain a good balance of protein, fiber, fat, and vitamins. 


Beware of added sugars in store-bought products and try to choose a trail mix that only contains natural ingredients. 

Fuel up with trail mix here.



On-The-Go Healthy Snack Tips

Choose whole and natural

To keep hunger at bay and your energy levels at peak, choose whole foods rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. If you could combine different food groups, it would be even better. 


Avoid the sugar crash

Chips, cookies, or "healthy" bars will not get you very far, cause a short-lived energy peak, to only come tumbling down and make you feel even more tired and lethargic than before.


Everything in moderation

Remember that a snack is exactly what it says, a snack. Moderation is key! You could eat two hands full of healthy nuts (+- 20 almonds) - but that would mean 328 calories, the recommended average amount for breakfast and almost a third of the recommended fat intake per day. A good snack should contain between 100-and 200 calories. 


Don't fall into the "health" trap

Beware of store-bought "health" foods such as granola bars, protein balls, or drinking yogurt. These often contain added sugar, sodium, and trans fats (the bad kind) and are dense in calories.


The right snack at the right time

If you need a snack for energy before a hard workout, include carbs that will digest quickly to give you an instant energy boost, such as a banana. And for recovery after a workout, a snack with protein and carbs, such as nut butter on rice cakes, will rebuild and refuel your muscles.


Hydration is still number one

Always drink plenty of water to keep hydrated, aid digestion, and carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells. Not drinking enough water will counteract all your healthy eating and snacking efforts. 


Now, you are ready to go and grab some healthy snack options. No more excuses ;-)


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