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A Crunchy Vegan BBQ Sandwich With The Pefect Balance of Sweetness and Tartness

All The "Meaty" Vibes Without The Meat

If you crave crunch, something to bulk up your sandwiches, or need to up your protein intake - You'll want to keep on reading cause we have something that can provide exactly all of that...

It's Called SOY CURLS

Meat Alternative


A natural alternative to meat, tasting so good, even meat-eaters would be fooled!

100% Whole Soybeans


Made with Non-GMO 100% whole soybeans, these soy curls have exquisite texture, flavor, and versatility.

Excellent Protein


They are high in protein, a good source of fiber, gluten-free, and contain zero trans fats and sodium.



Did we mention how easy they are to prepare?! It might just be the perfect meat replacement!






  • Soak 1 Bag of Butler's Soy Curls in water for 10 min, then Drain
  • Mix all BBQ ingredients in a bowl.
  • In an oiled pan, sauté the soy curls for 4 min until lightly browned, add half the bbq sauce and sauté for 10 more min until the sauce is well incorporated and soy curls have a nice color and char.
  • Add the remaining bbq sauce and mix until well combined
  • Add to toasted bread or a bun with red cabbage mixed with garlic aioli
  • Enjoy!

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