Luscious, Rich Chocolate Tofu Mousse

Luscious, Rich Chocolate Tofu Mousse

Tofu In Dessert? Oh Yes!

In our latest blog we revealed a surprising protein-packed, plant-based ingredient that can be used to replicate your favorite non-vegan desserts.  

Spoiler alert: like you may have guessed already, it is tofu!

Tofu, especially silken tofu,  is the new "it" ingredient for creamy and guilt-free desserts!

Silken tofu has a higher water content compared to other tofu varieties, giving it a custard-like, creamy texture when blended. This allows it to seamlessly blend into your dessert recipes, providing a luscious and velvety smoothness without any overpowering tofu taste.

Tofu also contains no carbs, sugar, dairy, or gluten, and is low in fat - even more reason to love it!

So we made this rich, creamy, oh-so-delicious chocolate mousse for a guilt-free treat! Ok, maybe not entirely guilt-free ;-)

chocolate tofu mousse recipe



  • Melt dark chocolate in a microwave or in a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water.
  • Blend tofu and melted chocolate, along with cocoa powder, peppermint, and plant milk, until smooth in a blender or food processor. 
  • Make a parfait by adding a layer of crushed cookies, then mousse, then cookies, and then coconut whipped topping.
  • Enjoy! 

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