Are Non-GMO Foods Healthier? 6 Reasons We Absolutely Think So!

Are Non-GMO Foods Healthier? 6 Reasons We Absolutely Think So!

GMO and Non-GMO - The Battle Continues

Let's clear the air and make you understand it a bit better!

You may have heard about or seen the acronym GMO but never figured out exactly what it is, what it stands for, and why you should care. We totally get that! 

In a world where the internet and experts are full of contradicting info and opinions, keeping up with all the health trends, fads, and debates is not easy!  And one of those debates is GMO vs. Non-GMO and why many (like us) root for Non-GMO foods. 

Let's break it down and discover the benefits of Non-GMO foods. And why you SHOULD care.

GMO vs. Non-GMO - What Is The Difference?

GMO foods or organisms are plants or animals where their DNA structure is altered by genetic engineering or modification. 

This is usually done to improve the organisms' quality and yield, to manage weeds, and to enhance disease resistance. Chemical preservatives are also often used in GMO foods to keep the food fresh for longer.

Non-GMO organisms are not altered and come in their natural state. Most often, non-GMO foods are organic, and vice versa, as foods labeled with organic certifications prohibit the inclusion of GMOs. 

The Ugly Truth About GMOs

Toxic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides are used to treat GMO crops. These often reside on the crops and end up on the food on our plates, with the unfortunate consequence of affecting our health. 

GMOs have been linked to various health problems due to treatment with these chemicals, antibiotics, and growth hormones. From infertility, organ damage, and gastrointestinal disorders, to cancer, among many others. 

It is detrimental to us, the ecological harmony, and biodiversity.


Save The Soil


Increased use of pesticides and low crop diversity in GMO-based agriculture can weaken the soil and biodiversity. Pesticides will kill beneficial soil organisms and favorable insects we need for healthy crops. 

The soil is healthier and more nutrient-dense with Non-GMO crops where these chemicals are not used. And, of course, no chemicals will make their way down to the water table.

Support Local Farmers


When switching to Non-GMO foods, you support local farmers and small businesses. By doing this, you invest in the community, support sustainable farming, and protect millions of species.

Crop varieties are also produced that are well adapted to the local areas and become resilient, prosperous crops. 

Lastly, we can stop huge corporations with all monopolies by supporting these small farmers in a joint effort.

Less Toxic Chemicals


Supporting Non-GMO farmers and choosing Non-GMO foods means less toxic chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides in crops, animals, soil, water, and ultimately our food. 

The WHO found that the herbicide, glyphosate found in Roundup® and other fertilizers, can be carcinogenic to humans. It also negatively impacts the landscape's biodiversity. 

By switching to Non-GMO products, we can reduce our negative impact on the earth's precious resources and living species.

Fresher And More Nutrients


Preservatives used in GMOs to make them last longer effectively reduce the nutrient profile. Crops are also not that "fresh" anymore as it could have been weeks or months since they have been harvested before reaching the shelves. 

With Non-GMO foods, you can be rest assured that it is as fresh as can be, and the nutrient contents and taste profile will be at their peak.

No Nasty Antibiotics


Non-GMO and organic foods are not allowed to be treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.

 Antibiotics can create bacteria-resistant strains and make it more difficult to treat diseases. It can also cause long-term adverse effects on the body and reduce overall immunity.

Healthier Diverse Diet


Most processed foods are made with GMOs. We also know that processed foods contain many undesired ingredients, high sodium levels, added sugar, and more. 

By choosing Non-GMO foods you will eat a variety of healthy, fresh, unprocessed foods ensuring you get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. 

Healthier body = clearer mind = happier life!

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  • Thanks sooo much for all y’all do and for telling us the truth about gmo and non-gmo foods. I bids purchase a large quantity of meatless foods that I love, but aim to wean myself off them with time.

    Michelle Fields on

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