The Keys to Consistency

The Keys to Consistency

Have you ever had something you struggled understanding for a while, or struggled implementing, but then you finally got it? For me, there have been at least a couple of times this happened throughout my life. 

Taking a while to understand a concept in algebra, completing a 5k, learning to play instruments, making healthy lifestyle changes, learning how to parallel park. All of these examples were things that were a challenge to me at various stages in my life, things that were hard to understand or implement. They may be vastly different, but they are more similar than they seem. 

All of these experiences were things that I carried through with, that I didn’t give up. At the time, each of those were hard in their own way. We all have these things that we didn’t give up on, and we know that we are better for it. It takes those daily decisions to keep going, and when you look back you realize you did it. Or are at least closer to doing it! This is where consistency comes in. 

Consistency is what helps you get to your goal, and is arguably the most important part of anything you do! Without consistency, this is when we can give up or let our goals slip away from us. 

We need consistency in all of the areas of our lives if we want to be successful, healthy, and happy. Just think about it, imagine if we weren’t consistent in showing up to work? Or in taking a shower? We need to be consistent in the big and the little things. 

So, how can we cultivate consistency in our lives? 


Have Purpose in What You're Doing

When you make goals or decide on things you want to accomplish, know why you are doing what you are doing. This will help you stick with it when things get hard. When you are doing something for good reasons, it's hard to argue with yourself about it later when you want to give up!

If it's helpful for you, write out all of the reasons why you are wanting to accomplish this goal or change. Write out why it is good for you as well. Look back on this for motivation, and to see how far you have come!


Make it a Habit

We've talked about in past blogs how once you do something for about a month, it becomes a habit. If you do something everyday for so long, it is hard to go back from it! It may be hard to start a good habit, but it is so much more rewarding when you've completed your goal! 

The days are going to pass whether we like it or not, so we should make them count!  Why not use them to accomplish our dreams? Even when you don't feel like it, keep going and stay consistent! 


Start Small

One thing I know I'm at fault at when starting something new is trying to do it all at once. When I started crocheting with pretty much zero knowledge of it, I tried making a hat. I'm sure you can all imagine how that went! Once I failed at making a hat I was tempted to give up and think that I wasn't good at it, while all I had to so was start small and work my way up to making a hat! 

We can't overwhelm ourselves, or else it might lead to giving up and a hit to our confidence. We want to make it to the goal as fast as we can, but sometimes going slow is the best way to get there. 

Be Kind to Yourself

Life changes are hard. We can sometimes be bombarded by people who care about us when trying to make these changes, or feel the pressures of our peers or society. But, we can't let any of that get to us! We need to focus on bettering ourselves in whatever way that may mean for you, and be kind to ourselves along the way. 

When we fail, instead of punishing ourselves, we need to be kind to ourselves and encouraging. There will always be bumps along the way, learn from them rather than blaming yourself. 

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