Easy Vegan Pancake Recipe

Easy Vegan Pancake Recipe

Pancakes, such a simple breakfast food, but oh so delicious! 

For me, pancakes bring back warm memories of my grandma's blueberry pancakes she would make us when we stayed over. 

Or the different shaped pancakes my mom would make me and my siblings when we were little. 

And now as an adult, the times friends and family come over and we make a quick and simple meal in the morning. 

Sometimes, nothing can beat a light and fluffy pancake, especially when there are yummy toppings involved like some fresh fruit! 

The lighter and fluffier the better, and this simple banana pancake recipe meets both of those categories! 



1 cup coconut flour (or flour of choice) 

1 large banana, mashed 

2 tablespoons baking powder

1/2 cup almond milk (or soy/coconut milk if preferred)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract 

1 teaspoon cinnamon (optional)

1 tablespoon sugar

2 tablespoons vegetable oil



1.Combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, and cinnamon in a bowl and mix the dry ingredients together. 

2.In a separate bowl, peel a banana and mush it until it is a smooth consistency. 

3.Add the banana, milk, vanilla extract, and vegetable oil to the bowl of dry ingredients and mix together well. (Mix until it is smooth together as a batter, try not to over mix though. We still want it to be fluffy!) 

4.Heat the pan to a medium heat, and spray or add a light amount of oil. 

5.Use a ladle to spoon the batter into the pan, making circles as big or as small as you would like. 

6.Once you see bubbles on the top of the pancake, it is time to flip it. 

7.Keep flipping the pancake until it is golden brown or the desired color. 

8.Repeat with the rest of the batter. 

9.Serve and enjoy! 

Optional Toppings

I love eating these pancakes by themselves, they are so delicious!!

But, if you are the type of person who like to add toppings, there are so many options to choose from!

You can add:

  • Peanut Butter/Nut Butter
  • Apple Sauce 
  • Fresh Fruit 
  • Fruit Sauce 
  • Maple Syrup Of Course! 
  • Nuts 
  • Chocolate Chips 
  • And So Much More!!


We really hope you enjoy this pancake recipe, let us know your favorite toppings or recipe in the comments below! 

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