30 Day Challenges

30 Day Challenges

In a previous blog, we talked about how to develop a new healthy habit. (Click here to read this blog). We went over the best ways to reach your goals of a healthier lifestyle, and talked about how psychologically it takes 30 days to form a new habit and break those bad habits. 

There are many practical ways to form a new habit, but sometimes it's easier said than done. We can be determined one day, and then the next day lose all of the motivation. Despite this, there are things we can do to help us not lose motivation and stick with the goals we set for ourselves! 

One of these ways is by sticking with a 30 day challenge. They have helped me create healthy habits that have stuck with me for years! Because of the 30 day challenges I have done, I have been able to stick with being a vegetarian, get better sleep, drink more water, and much more! 

With a 30 day challenge, it gives us a small goal to conquer. It gives us something we can check off our list each day, and gives us structure to ensure we can keep going. 

There are many ways we can take part in a 30 day challenge. We can create our own that are catered directly for our specific goals. We can have a different task/goal for each day, or just try to do the same thing for 30 days to make it stick. We can give ourselves rest days if needed when it comes to exercise goals, or cater them to our goal. 

No matter how you do it, day by day it will get you one step closer to the healthy habit you desire to have. 

To help you all, we have created some 30 day challenge sheets you can try out! We have also included a blank sheet for you to create your own! 


We really help this resource has been useful for you all, let us know your goals and how you are doing with them in the comments! 

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