How to find the best restaurants when traveling as a vegan

How to find the best restaurants when traveling as a vegan

Flights are booked, your bags are packed, your passport is ready, and you are ready for your next trip!

You're feeling that travel rush, looking forward to what you're going to see, and where you will stay, and you're ready to eat amazing food!

However, how do you find the best restaurants when traveling as a vegan? How can you ensure you have the best experience possible?



Hi friends, I live for traveling and eating mouth-watering, flavorful vegan food!

You'll never forget the meal experiences that you have had in different cities. The new ambiance, flavors, and language all contribute to a memorable moment.

Today I'm here to tell you that, yes! It's possible to have this experience if you follow a vegan diet.

So what's the first step to enjoying the local vegan cuisine while traveling?


Trust me, you will have a much better time if you pre-plan at least a few places you want to try.

Although Google searching is one of the best ways to find vegan restaurants, I'm a firm believer in digging a little deeper if you want to enjoy the true local cuisine.

Sometimes the top-ranked search results for vegan restaurants can be westernized food like burgers, acai bowls, soups, etc.

These dishes have their place, but when I'm in Rome, the last thing I will want to eat is a burger. I'm going to be looking for vegan pasta dishes! 

So, when traveling, there are a few tricks up my sleeve to find the best possible local vegan food. Let's explore them below!


Tips when traveling as a vegan


Get your Google search right


For every city I visit, I would search "traditional dishes in …." or "Top 5 foods to eat in ...". 

This simple trick is how I got to experience the best local food in Porto, Portugal (and every other city I visit). 

So when searching for Porto, I stumbled upon the "Franceshina." 

Similar to a Croque monsieur, it's a grilled sandwich loaded with meat and topped with melted cheese. It is a traditional dish specific to Porto, not even the rest of Portugal!

But guess what? There are multiple vegan versions of this in the city as well!

If I had only focused on the "vegan food in Portugal" search results, I would have never realized there was a 100% vegan version of Franceshina that tastes like the real deal.

(By the way, that grilled vegan sandwich was to die for, and you can check it out in this video!) 


Franceshina in Porto


Turn to Instagram and Facebook


Another thing I like is seeing pictures! I'm such a visual person, and a photo, of course, is worth more than a thousand words.

So naturally, Instagram is one of my go-to places.

There's no better way to search for vegan food in a specific city than through the #vegan hashtag, followed by your favorite city (i.e., #veganroma #veganmexicocity #veganmiami, etc.) 

Not only are tourists using this hashtag when posting photos, but locals are too. And that's where you'll find the best-kept secret spots!

Also, many vegan restaurants don't even have websites and may not pop up on the first page of Google results. Instagram or Facebook is their website.

I would scroll until I see a photo I like, save it, and create a collection. This way, I know which vegan restaurants and dishes I want to try. 


Vegan Paella in Valencia


Google Maps is your friend


This is where the planning nerd side of me comes out. Google Mapping!

After creating my must-eat places and must-see tourist attractions collections, I mark them on Google Maps.

It helps me visualize where each place is located and plan out my days. This way, I can create the perfect itinerary. 

I encourage you to fit your sightseeing in between meals and WALK as much as you can. 

It will help to walk off those meals and get exercise on your vacation, so you can stay healthy and fit and make room for more food ;-). 


Moroccan Spiced Lentil Curry in Marrakesh


Don't be afraid to ask and mingle


Another great option is to go to local grocery stores and ask what options they have.

Nowadays, many grocery stores have fantastic vegan options, and I love exploring what each one has.

Spain, for example, had the #1 voted vegan frozen pizza at the Mercadona supermarket. 

And be social!

Ask employees of vegan restaurants and other locals about their favorite recommendations.

If the language is a problem, use Google translate! It's a lifesaver!

Also, learning how to say "I'm vegan" in the local language is always a good idea, along with some other common phrases. 


Vegan Cuban Pastelitos in LA


Planning can seem overwhelming, but honestly, it's a lot of fun and can make your vegan food adventures much more exciting.

It will also save you a ton of time, frustration, and hangry moments!

Vegan blogs and websites like Happy Cow are also great resources. 

I hope you enjoyed this resource and tips for traveling like a true vegan foodie. For more videos on vegan travel destinations, visit my website Rated V Food. 

And for delicious vegan food recipes, have a look at our other blog posts for some yummy inspiration! 

E. Reyes


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