20 Easter Activities For The Whole Family

20 Easter Activities For The Whole Family

Easter is a time to come together with loved ones and fellow believers to celebrate a time of profound joy, gratitude, and spiritual reflection to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

At Country Life Natural Foods, we cherish the spirit of family, community, and spending time together with loved ones, with our faith at the center of it all.

If you're looking for ways to make this Easter extra special for your family and share in this same spirit, here are some activities sure to create lasting memories and celebrate the meaning of this holiday.

20 Family Easter Activities

Read A Religious Story

Before diving into the festivities, take a moment to remind your family of the true meaning of Easter.

Attend a church service, gather around and read from the Bible, or read a religious Easter story such as this book, which is perfect for toddlers: "God Gave Us Easter." This book beautifully conveys the essence of Easter and its significance in the Christian faith.

Make Cross-Inspired Crafts

Get crafty with the whole family by making cross-inspired crafts. It is a great way to acknowledge and reflect on Christ's Resurrection while being able to tell the story to kids in a kid-friendly, fun way.

Meaningful Mama shared a clever way to share the story by making craft mosaic crosses

"What I love about the cross mosaic idea is that Christ was broken for us. The shreds of paper can represent how Christ was stripped of life. However, that's not the end of the story. The pieces were put together and Christianity thrives today because, after time in the grave, he rose on the third day."

Make Easter Gift Cards

Make and personalize Easter gift cards with a special Bible verse or message of hope. It's a thoughtful way to share the true meaning of Easter with loved ones while spreading joy and positivity.

Make a DIY Easter Wreath

Get crafty with a DIY wreath project. Gather materials like colorful ribbons, faux flowers, marshmallows, pom-poms, or even mini carrots. Let your creativity shine as you design a beautiful wreath to adorn your front door or Easter tablescape. 

Make an "Osterbaum"

Originating from German tradition, create your own "Osterbaum" or Easter tree. Decorate branches with crosses, ribbons, and ornaments, creating a festive centerpiece that captures the spirit of Easter.

Plant Some Spring Flowers

Embrace the spirit of renewal and growth by planting spring flowers together as a family. Whether you have a backyard garden or simply a few pots on a balcony, planting flowers is a rewarding and therapeutic activity that symbolizes the beauty of Easter and celebrates the start of spring.

The kids will love seeing their growth progress and learn the valuable lesson that what you sow, you shall reap.

Visit A Flower or Fruit Farm

Take a trip to a local flower or fruit-picking farm for a day of outdoor adventure. Let the kids pick their favorite blooms or harvest fresh fruits, creating cherished memories and enjoying the bounty of the season.

Remember to take your camera with you; flower fields or fruit orchards can make beautiful backdrops for family photos!

Give Back Your Time

Spread the spirit of Easter by giving back to your community through volunteering. Whether serving at a soup kitchen, visiting nursing homes, helping at an animal shelter, or participating in a neighborhood cleanup, volunteering as a family is a rewarding way to make a positive impact.

Make Sugar Cookies

Channel your inner pastry chef by baking and decorating sugar cookies. Decorating cookies together is a delightful way to bond as a family while indulging in some sweet treats.

They also make the sweetest gifts for loved ones or church family members. Add them to a plastic bag, tie them with a ribbon, and add a biblical verse.

Make an Easter Gift Basket

Put together personalized Easter baskets filled with treats, toys, and goodies for each family member or a stranger in need. It's a thoughtful way to show your love and appreciation while celebrating the joy and sharing the message of Easter.

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Decorate A Bird House

Celebrate the arrival of spring by decorating a birdhouse for your backyard. Let the kids unleash their creativity with paint, glitter, and colorful decorations, creating a cozy and inviting space for our feathered friends.

Jesus Science Experiment

Create a valuable, fun teaching moment for your kids by showing them this science experiment from I Can Teach My Child. It's a fantastic illustration of how Jesus washes our sins away.

Play Guessing Games

Engage in some friendly competition with guessing games. Fill jars with Easter candies like jelly beans or our vegan sour gummy mix, and take turns guessing how many candies are in each jar. The winner gets to keep the candy jar or enjoy a sugar-free prize like a small toy or book!

Biblical Trivia & Charades

This is a fun one for adults, older kids, or your church group! Host a game day or night, and play biblical Easter trivia or charades. Compile biblical questions, characters, scenes, etc. to answer or act out. 

Make Hot Cross Buns

Whip up a batch of hot cross buns together as a family. These deliciously spiced buns are a traditional Easter treat, perfect for sharing and enjoying as a family.

Try these delicious vegan hot cross buns!

Have a Family Picnic

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather with an Easter picnic in the park or backyard. Pack a basket with sandwiches, snacks, your homemade hot cross buns, and sweet treats, and spend quality time together surrounded by nature's beauty.

Play Fun Yard Games

Do your kids need to get rid of energy? Organize yard games in your backyard or living room. Think sack race, spoon-and-egg race, egg toss, and more!

It's a hilarious and entertaining way for kids to burn off some energy and make some family memories! Oh, and who said adults couldn't also join in on the fun??

Host an Easter Meal

Gather your loved ones and host a festive Easter lunch or dinner to celebrate the love and forgiveness of Jesus.

Whether it's a cozy family gathering, a potluck with friends, or a community-wide feast with neighbors and church members, sharing a meal together is a wonderful way to foster fellowship and celebrate the true meaning of Easter.

We've got many yummy vegan recipes for you to make this Easter!

Reflect and Share

After the meal, consider engaging in activities such as singing hymns, praying, reading Scripture passages related to Easter, or sharing personal testimonies of faith. Use this time together to strengthen your bonds as a family or community and to rejoice in the hope and joy that Easter brings.

Watch a Resurrection Movie

Gather the family and end Holy Week with a movie night featuring a film about Jesus's resurrection. It's a meaningful way to deepen your understanding of the Easter story and reflect on its significance as a family.