An Easier Health Journey With CLNF - Customer Testimonial

An Easier Health Journey With CLNF - Customer Testimonial

All the tools you need

If somebody wants to say, " Well, maybe I should give vegetarianism or plant-based a try, " CLNF certainly has all the tools necessary to help people make that change in their lives!

This is Donald and Cheryl Benson's story - customers of Country Life Natural Foods for over 45+ years.

They shared with us their experience with CLNF and how the products have helped them on their health journey and impacted them and their community.


Around 45 or more years ago, Donald was unemployed, and in between jobs, he would go to the unemployment office on Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

There was a cafe there that served vegetarian food called Lifeline. We'd go there and thought the food was utterly delicious. It felt like the nutrition we got there was great.

Donald had not been well much over the years, and we thought what we were eating could be the cause of him not feeling well. The cafe gave us the tools and the information to try vegetarianism, and so we started eating more vegetarian food. 

We've been vegetarians since then. Occasionally, we do have some fish and eggs. But basically, we remained mostly vegetarians all this time.

Our children grew up with the same way of eating and also became vegetarians for the most part. Cheryl is an incredible vegetarian cook. She has created her own recipes and used recipe books by Oak Haven and Country Life that have been very insightful and helpful.

So, if somebody wants to say, "Well, maybe I should give vegetarianism or plant-based eating a try," CLNF certainly has all the tools necessary to help people make that change in their lives!


Whenever we have business in Chicago or somewhere that passes by Oak Haven, where Country Life Natural Foods is based, we drop in and fill the car up, even though we're packed to the brim! We'll stock up on lots of their staple items.

Cheryl will call ahead and place the order, and it will be there waiting for us.

We also want to point out the spotlessness of their warehouse.

Generally, the public is not allowed to walk around in the warehouse. Still, one day, we were allowed a tour, and everything was neat, clean, and organized, and there wasn't any lint on the floor.

The people working there are always helpful and very pleasant to interact with. You can tell they take much pride in their work and that they are doing it for the greater good—to serve others and to serve God.


Cheryl came from a background on a dairy farm, and meat was a staple, so she was naturally against vegetarianism at first.

But since we've turned vegetarians, we haven't needed any prescription medication. We may not be in perfect, optimal health all the time, but it has impacted our health significantly for the better. Of course, we may need an antibiotic or something once in a while.

But as a rule, we don't take medications for high blood pressure or anything. Our goal has always been to treat our bodies holistically with wholesome foods and natural ingredients. And it has worked for us by changing our diet.

CLNF makes it possible by offering wholesome, natural, non-GMO ingredients, herbal teas, and educational books to help with any ailment.


We try to limit pre-packaged food. We love that Country Life offers whole food sources in their raw and pure form, like whole flour and other staples. It allows us to create dishes ourselves instead of buying pre-packaged goods.

For instance, you can make a large pot of soup and get several meals from something you make from scratch. Whereas with packaged food, you might get one or two meals.

We have a little co-op with our daughters and family to buy in bulk and share the costs among us.

One of Donald's favorite things is CLNF white popcorn, which is probably some of the finest. We buy it in 25-pound bags, which we share. We also love nutritional yeast, another bulk item.

So, if anybody is a popcorn fan, the white popcorn is probably the finest one you can buy!


In the course of one's life, one wonders if you really make any difference.

And we just want to say that at CLNF, all of you folks, what you are doing really makes a big difference in so many lives, and that you can give yourself a pat on the back.

Your company is more than just a retail store. It's a way of life and a company that truly cares about its customers, community, and sharing the gospel.


Thank you, Donald and Cheryl, for being such long-term, devoted customers of Country Life Natural Foods and for sharing your testimonial!

If you have a story to share on how CLNF, any of our products, or a plant-based diet have impacted your life, please share it with us at