Our Mission

Being healthy is hard, we provide the ingredients to make it easy.

Our story

Country Life Natural Foods is a wholesale and retail distributor of fresh, natural and quality foods. We also have a passion for teaching people how to make the most delicious recipes from our products. We are owned by a non-profit dedicated to teaching people the best ways to better mental, physical and spiritual health..

What we do

Country Life Natural Foods is one of America’s oldest wholesale and retail distributors of natural, organic plant-based foods. Rooted in southwest Michigan, we supply our customers through a network of trusted producers — whose ingredients we use to feed our own families.

Giving back

We’ve operated as a non-profit organization for over 60 years. This status gives us the scope to do some pretty cool things. For example, we use some of our revenues to maintain a beautiful 1,200-acre hardwood forest called Oak Haven. With the thousands of trees on our property we feel we are doing our little part to absorb as much carbon as possible through this sustainably managed forest.

Our home

Oak Haven is where we are rooted. It’s where you’ll find our retail store. We also offer online classes, including our extremely popular vegetarian cooking classes and workshops to promote mental, physical, and spiritual health. We’d love you to stop by and say hi if you’re in the neighborhood!