Our story began in the midst of a pandemic on a small farm in the middle of nowhere. Our passion for a healthy lifestyle and nutrient dense food gave life to Country Life Foods and we've never looked back.

We talked about what the greatest joys in life are. What rose to the top was time with family and friends and usually over a meal. But today we are all so busy that we rarely have time or make time to slow down long enough to put our phones down and enjoy a meal together. So we thought about how to take it back to the beginning.

How do we get back to square one? For us, it is eating together, making meals together, and ultimately using the freshest, most raw, natural ingredients that are full of nutrients. We believe food in its most natural state i.e. raw, organic, is best.

It’s a journey together to go back to the basics and start from scratch and make ingredients from scratch. We think that equation will result in a life well lived.