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If you’re a pasta lover who's gluten sensitive or has celiac disease, then this is the pasta you’ve been dreaming of for years!

Jovial's brown rice pasta will give you back the freedom to choose a variety of meals each and every day. With these products in your pantry, you’ll no longer be beholden to your allergies.

This brown rice pasta is made in Tuscany, where we press the pasta through bronze dies for a coarse texture, adhering to traditional methods our pasta artisans have been using for generations. This allows sauces and oils to better grip or coat the pasta. We also slow dry the pasta at a low temperature for superior flavor.

We know that this attention to detail and these Old World techniques preserve quality and superior taste and texture!

Making gluten free pasta takes some extra care and patience compared to regular wheat pasta. Gluten, after all, is one of the principal ingredients that gives pasta its unique character. Here at jovial, we’ve perfected our methods to create products that carry all the flavor and texture of traditional pasta but none of the gluten. The result is as delicious as it is safe and healthy.

Gluten free pasta isn’t only for those with celiac or gluten sensitivity. We’ve made it our goal to produce products that so closely match the feel of traditional pasta that anyone, whether gluten free or not, is sure to enjoy them.

organic brown rice flour, water

Organic: YES


Certified Gluten-Free: YES

Kosher: YES

Vegan: YES

Country of Origin: ITALY


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