Partnering With Small Businesses - Water & Wheat (Fernberry Farm)

Partnering With Small Businesses - Water & Wheat (Fernberry Farm)

As a small business, we know the struggles many small businesses face trying to source high-quality ingredients at affordable prices. Big suppliers make you jump through hoops with crazy-high minimum orders and limited organic options. It can be so frustrating!

We know the feeling and that's why we love partnering with and helping fellow small businesses.

We ship directly to your businesses with wholesale pricing; no minimum order is required! You can get exactly what you need, when you need it.

One business that we have partnered with is right here in Michigan - Water & Wheat (part of Fernberry Farm).

Watch our interview below with Josh Mozinski from Water & Wheat as he shares a little bit about his business and how Country Life Natural Foods has helped him throughout the years.

partnering with CLNF

These were some of the key things Josh has mentioned in the interview about their experience with CLNF:

  • Country Life has been able to serve us when other businesses just weren't able or willing to.
  • Not only did we need Country Life's unique products like nutritional yeast, gluten flour, or specialty grains, but they're able to provide local Michigan-grown beans and grains at prices that I couldn't get anywhere else. And this helped us keep our prices down.
  • In order to have a small business that can offer really quality products and in a specialized niche, it was crucial to have to Country Life products. Anything else that came from further away wasn't as good quality or was way more expensive and and took longer to get to us.
  • One of the things that made us feel good about growing our business and being able to work with and buying products from Country Life was that we share some of the similar values. When growing a business you should be really be mindful of what businesses you're growing with, who you're buying from and who you're propping up while you're trying to build your own foundation.
  • Knowing that I'm supporting Country Life and sharing the same vision and values helps a lot. I do not feel the heavyweight and burden of buying products from a business that supports industries that I do not. I really feel better about my purchases, my product and the growth potential of my business knowing I'm able to grow with partners that have a similar ethic as I do.

Our mission is to make healthy foods accessible to everyone. If you are a small business that resonates, then we're in this together!

If you've been searching for a supplier who truly meets your needs, look no further than Country Life Natural Foods. Your business (and your wallet) will thank you! 

Feel free to reach out if you are ready to partner with us!

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